Heritage Statements and Design and Access Statements


Many significant planning applications and all listed building consent applications require supplementary information in the form of Heritage statements, Impact Assessments and Design and Access Statements.

These documents need to demonstrate how a proposed development would meet the required standards of design; show that the historic significance of a building, a site, or their setting is properly understood; and demonstrate that the development would not harm them (or that any resultant harm would be justified).

The interpretation of what constitutes harm in any given case can vary considerably and therefore a good heritage impact assessment can play an essential role in showing how a development would comply with current conservation guidance and case law.  A carefully researched and well-argued statement can make the difference between an application or appeal being approved or refused.

The preparation of heritage statements and impact assessments has made up a large part of my work in recent years and I am fully up-to-date with the most recent guidance and appeal decisions. This, combined with my understanding of historic sites enables me to research and write these documents to a very high standard.

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